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Fishing Knot Video #1. Free YouTube Movie

Monofilament to Braid Connection - Step-by-step instruction from Curtis Owens of Performance Tackle.

Fishing Knot Video #1

  • This is a video I was looking for. Thanks for posting.
  • This is awesome. Thank you Mr. Owen for making it easy to follow.
  • ur the only person ive ever seen that does it properly.cheers
  • your the only guy who explains how 2 do what iv,e been lookn 4 cheers mate
  • Great video. Very helpful thanks for posting it

I tired this albright to bimini loop and while the connection is as good as you can get from a knot connection it still brakes at approx 50-60% of the rated line breaking strength. The spectra cuts into the fluoro every time severing the leader. The only real answer to joining spectra to fluroo is still the wind on leader.

  • Great video!!!! Keep up the good work and thanks for the info!
  • Once again great job. Please keep them coming.
  • Great how to video! Thanks for posting it!


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