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15.2 lb Trout! - Fishing for Trout and Salmon - Trolling

Caught 15.2 lb lake trout and even nice-size salmon! An awesome day on the water.

Watch this short trolling for trout video where we tell you where we were fishing, how we were fishing, and what we were using to catch those dandy lake trout and salmon!

Fishing for Trout and Salmon


  • paul needs some work with a net, poor guy could bearly get the lake trout
  • When trolling for Lakers, 2 mph to 2 1/2 mph are perfect speeds. As for size, a size SP3, SP4, or SP5 Viper Spoon could be used, but size SP4 is perfect. It has just the right spoon size as well as 3/0 mustad ultra point hooks, which are a nice size for lakers. Just tip your Viper Spoon with an artificial or real minnow/chub/shad (smelt size) or a thin, long strip of cut bait & you'll do great. Glad you enjoyed the video - thanks for writing in - good luck on the water and good fishing!
  • Sounds like you had a great day on the water. Thanks for sharing & good fishing!
  • Glad you liked the video. In lake superior, for trout, we would recommend a size SP1 or SP2 Viper Spoon with a real - or artificial minnow. Good luck on the water & thanks for writing in!

great video, i fish lake superior out of Marquette for lake trout and i love that idea of tipping the spoon with the minnow, definitely going to have to give that a try.

  • for lurers use spinners and for bait u powerbait marshmallows or cut open a trout and use the kind of bugs they have in there stomach
  • Most trout take minnows, worms, roe, insects, maggots as natural bait. Artificials include crankbaits, flies, jigs, soft plastics, spoons, spinners. Lake trout will also take cut-bait. Thanks & good fishing!
  • Good luck out there..try going out deeper...if you fish in the 20 foot range, you'll catch more smallmouth than you will trout. Thanks for writing in & good fishing!


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